• cHr.DeV Pamos Main
      • Websites

      • I develop professional managable websites (CMS).

        I guarantee high performance and compatibility with latest standards.

        My websites are search engines friendly and are easy to SEO.

    • cHr.DeV Uniczek WWW
      • Web Applications

      • I progam all types of internet applications.

        Portals, shops, social services, blogs and many more.

    • cHr.DeV Malarstwo Gallery
      • Galleries

      • Files galleries (eg. photos) or any other products.

        Categorization and filtration with any criteria.

        Complete management using forms and other tools.

    • cHr.DeV DBEDiA Videos Beta Dark
      • Databases

      • Manageble systems based on databases of various objects.

        Any relations and extensions. Optional change requests/control systems.

    • cHr.DeV Torfasta Main
      • Dedicated systems of all kinds.
        All dependes on client`s needs. I invite with various ideas and projects!

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